Worried woman

Are you freaked out about the state of the world – and your life?

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of shit stuff going on! And it can be super stressful trying to make your way in this world.

Worried man

Are worried about any of these?

  • Political divisions, gridlock, dysfunctional government and leadership
  • The economy, possibly including your job, or lack of one
  • Challenging or failing friendships and relationships
  • Climate change and what it means for the future
  • Social unrest
  • Whether you will be able to retire
  • White supremacists
  • QAnon
  • Whether or not to have children
  • Rising racial and economic inequality
  • Extreme weather – wildfires, hurricanes, drought, rain bombs, unseasonable heat or cold, etc.
  • Whether to move somewhere else
  • How to stay sane and healthy when you’re under a lot of stress
  • And many more…

If you need someone practical, compassionate, level-headed and nonjudgmental to listen to you and help you think about and process various heavy duty and intense issues that you are dealing with, I can help. I am a professional business and life coach with 18 years of experience. In addition, I have been studying and following global developments in the economy and the environment for many years.

My goal is that with some support and some tools from me, you will be able to move forward successfully on your own.

100% confidential.

What people are saying…

“Anne’s problem-solving skills coupled with her in-depth knowledge of psychology makes her ideally suited to provide support during these tumultuous times. She has advised me through many difficult situations and if there’s one thing I can attest to is her ability to hear you and to come up with brilliant solutions. If you need a sounding board, she’s as good as it gets.”

Allison Frank, Asheville, NC

“Anne’s empathy and analytical skills help me in times of distress. She has helped me to see clearly and make good strategic decisions in these challenging times.

Rick H., Richmond, Virginia

“Benefits from working with Anne will stay with me and…I return to her good work and teachings again and again. She’s not kidding about the impact what she offers can have. I write this to encourage other people to take that step to help yourself, the rest will follow. Thanks, Anne!”

Becky Elder, Manitou Springs, Colorado

“I walk away from each call with Anne feeling more centered, more empowered and more energized and hopeful. She helps me answer my own questions which is profoundly empowering but offers advice on alternative ways to approach a dilemma to consider when I’m stuck.  Because Anne has a unique combination of skills not always found in one individual – a practical and realistic world view, a great sense of humor and profound ability to sense what a walk in my shoes is like – I’m thankful to have Anne as a trusted resource in my corner.”

Jami Linn, Gerton, NC

“Anne has been a constantly steadying anchor in my life, rock-like in her patience and commitment, always encouraging me forwards and helping me see the world as full of possibilities instead of pitfalls. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Harry Gibbs, Bruichladdich, Scotland

“Anne is someone to turn to if I need to think outside the box, or through a sticky situation.”

Carl Shaw, Hendersonville, NC

“Working with Anne for the past ten months has been an amazing, life-changing experience.”

Judy Glicken, Weaverville, NC

Anne has been a champion for me during one of the most challenging times in my personal and business life. Just the fact that I am enthusiastically in the game is a tribute to the contributions Anne has made to my life these past nine months. She is there for me consistently, challenges me, yet supports me as much as I need. Accountability, understanding and solutions are her hallmarks.

Michael Daly, New York

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